INTRODUCTION to property profits

Trent Giumelli is a property profit mogul. He has been involved in ALL things property related for over 20+ years, has a true passion for Real Estate and this led to helping people to build a legacy through property. His experience ranges from General Real Estate Investment – Finance – Property Development – Project Management – Effective Structuring – Rental – Wrapping – Flipping – Renovating. Trent has had the pleasure of being involved in more than 100+ property transactions personally, and over $650,000,000 in Development projects for many clients and members.

The secret sauce – property profits

There are so many different applications one can use to grow a Real Estate portfolio, but the biggest secret sauce to property profits that Trent Giumelli implements regularly is buying property in bulk.

Some years ago Trent was involved in purchasing some property in a syndicate in Perth where we had 6 parties seeking the same products. It was at this time he learned this very valuable lesson of buying property in bulk as you can achieve fantastic discounts.

Think of it like going to Woolies, Coles or Costco and buying a pallet of toilet paper. We all use and need it, but when you buy this way you receive substantial discounts for that one off sale. We apply the same strategy to Real Estate and let me tell you there are some BIG savings to be had.

And my secret sauce of property profits is applied as the major fundamental structure of showing our Kings Club members how to profit from property.

For example, Trent’s development group was previously offered 10 blocks of land at 15% off the marked retail price. Prices ranged between $220,000 – $230,000 so this equated to a saving of approx. $33,000 of which was passed onto 10 of our members.

You can view previous project profits here

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