How To Build Generational Wealth In Turbulent Times

Money Mastery Intensive – Practical Ways to Create, Grow & Protect Wealth

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In this Webinar Intensive, you will discover:


cash flow strategies

Proven cash flow strategies the ultra-rich use to create, grow, and protect their asset base to retire with Financial Freedom.

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income acceleration

Exclusive access to income acceleration opportunities to avoid unpredictable market and cycles, and waiting decades for growth.

abundance mindset

business growth ideas

Innovative business growth ideas from industry-leading wealth specialists to grow and scale your business.

abundance mindset

Tactics for Financial Success

Discover the same tactics the Financially Successful People use to get unstuck from restrictive thoughts and habits.

abundance mindset

Abundant Lifestyle

Why Wealth Gurus live an Abundant Lifestyle racing supercars and cruising on luxury yachts.

The Money Mastery Intensive Is For You If…

  • You want To Retire Peacefully With Financial Security And Freedom. By Creating And Building Generational Wealth like Financially Abundant People.
  • You are Fed Up Overpaying In Taxes, Thinking The Government Will Look After You. You Want To Discover New Ways To Legally Minimise Your Taxes, Stop Worrying About Your Income Going Up And Down Like A Yoyo, And Finally Take Control Of Your Financial Future.
  • You Do Not Want To Wait Decades To Grow Your Dream Business For Time and Financial Freedom. You Seek Innovative Income Producing Ideas the Ultra-Rich Use for Wealth Acceleration.
  • You Want Tactics to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes And Losing Money On Property Deals. You Want The Strategies The Ultra-Rich Use To Minimize Taxes And Access to Their Flawless Project Investment Structures.
  • You Are Tired of Trying to Do Things Alone and Feeling Stuck in Thoughts and Habits. You Want To Build A Strong Financial Future To Live An Abundant Lifestyle By Creating A Mindset that Attracts Money Magnetically To You!

Here’s What You Will TAKE AWAY FROM ATTENDING Money Mastery Intensive:

  • Exclusive, hidden, off-market property investing deals from Wealth Experts to quickly build massive wealth with potential returns soaring from 18% to a staggering 25%.
  • Discover accelerated business growth strategies from micro deal investments like small sub-divisions, renos, and splitters.
  • Joint venture opportunities with strategic financially abundant partners to accelerate your income, multiply returns, scale up, and undertake larger, more profitable projects!
  • Innovative business growth ideas capitalizing on untapped markets in crypto, silver, and gold to stop trading time for money and future-proof your businesses.
  • Passive income channels the financially successful use like affiliate marketing to work 24/7 for income acceleration and generational wealth.
  • Advanced cash flow strategies and automated processes wealth gurus use to maximize returns for a secure financial future.
  • Time-saving and money-making advantages of a like-minded community of financially successful people in addition to self-development and support.

Why ATTEND the Money Mastery Intensive?



Discover the environment of unparalleled financial growth of the ultra-rich to reach financial freedom.



The same income acceleration strategies wealth gurus use to unlock your financial potential and live a lifestyle of abundance.



Proven streetsmart strategies to get unstuck, maximize wealth, and Mindset Shifts.


Exclusive Opportunities

Discover exclusive Gold, Silver, Crypto, Property, and other income-producing investment instruments of the ultra-rich.

The Money Mastery Intensive dives deep into powerful ways to build generational wealth to produce massive profits and unlock income acceleration opportunities even in uncertain times.

You will discover step-by-step, the same Streetsmart strategies financially abundant use for self-development and mindset shifts, their passive income sources and their property investment, and exclusive joint venture opportunities, that build and scale their investment portfolio.

You also get an opportunity to engage directly with us with your pressing questions.

Meet Your Speakers

Founders of Cobalt Corp: Trent Giumelli & Cam Roberts.


Multi-Millionaire Property Developer

A Property Multi-Millionaire, Residential Developer, and Commercial Property Developer, Trent reveals how sophisticated investors can use property developments as a vehicle to build generational wealth using various structures, entities, and trusts.

Trent is the CEO of the Giumelli Group, which currently manages $73.8 Million worth of active projects with circa $140 Million in projects secured.

With over 25 years in real estate and 16 years specializing in finance and property development, Trent has a proven track record of delivering substantial real-life profits on his development deals.


Multi-Award-Winning Business Growth Consultant

Cam is a multi-award-winning business owner and business growth consultant with over 30 years of experience.

With the ability to unlock the hidden potential of any business, Cam has been responsible for growing hundreds of businesses and achieving $450M+ in sales for his private clients.

Cam has owned and operated online and brick-and-mortar businesses, scaling operations to serve thousands of clients weekly.

With over 70,000 social media followers and the #1 Brand Podcast In Australia with 250 episodes & 338 5-star reviews, Cam is a recognized authority in business growth and development.


Please review some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

The Money Mastery Intensive is for those who want to unlock financial and time freedom to build their dream life and create generational wealth even in uncertain times using multiple asset classes.

Yes, Trent and Cameron will host a live Zoom session where they reveal the 7 practical ways to create, grow, and protect generational wealth.

They will share the same tactics they have collectively used to acquire, manage, and generate wealth across their 55+ years of combined experience.

Once you register we send out welcome emails with the webinar date and time for you to save. We will also send a live Zoom link on the day of the webinar to join with just a single click.

The Money Mastery Intensive is 1.5 hours in duration with a question and answer session at the end where we clear all your pressing financial questions!

Yes, you will get a recording but we encourage your live participation for maximum value.

Absolutely! We recommend you invite your friend, partner, or spouse to the event, with a separate registration.

To get maximum benefits from the Money Mastery Intensive, we recommend you have:

  • A stable internet connection and minimal distractions.
  • A comfortable chair with proper lighting.
  • Your digital business cards and an updated LinkedIn profile ready for possible virtual networking opportunities.

We guarantee the Money Mastery Intensive will transform your mindset by revealing the little-known seven tactics the ultra-rich people use to build generational wealth with exclusive investment and income acceleration opportunities.

The webinar’s focus is YOUR self-development and money mindset. We want you to quickly scale your business and reach financial abundance with our valuable wealth expert advice, structure, and passive income opportunities.

No, we do not have any webinars scheduled.

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