Terms and Conditions

No part of our Kings Club or Cash Flow Course(s) or the materials may be copied, modified, licensed, published, transmitted, distributed, unloaded, broadcast, sold, or otherwise transferred without our prior written consent. We and our licensors own all intellectual property rights and materials in all programs.

The Kings Club or Cash Flow Course(s) materials, usernames, and passwords provided are confidential and cannot be given to or shared with people outside the community. The only exception is to share relevant information with immediate family only for implementing the ideas shared into your strategy.

For Kings Club, there’s a one-time joining fee of $7,700 inclusive of gst and you get lifetime access to transact on project developments along with lifetime access to our members portal and 200hrs of online courses.

As a Kings Club member, when you’ve selected the project(s) you wish to participate in, each venture has an initial setup cost of $6,600 to cover of on any/all legal fees, company & trust setup, along with general accounting & shareholder setup. It’s a general cost of doing business but you & you’re fellow shareholders keep all the profits at the end. Once you’re a member, you can pick & choose what you want to be a part of.

Our 14 Day Cooling Off Period. After you join Kings Club & review the opportunities available, have your onboarding call, participate on the Coaching Calls, ask questions, and speak with our wealth specialists – in the highly unlikely chance you still can’t see how you will benefit from joining Kings Club… let us know within 14 days and we will refund your initial payment. There will be no membership subscription refunds past our 14 day cooling off period.

You are obliged to ensure your credit card details remain up to date at all times. Should your card expire or change for whatever reason, you are required to submit the new details to the accounts team within seven (7) days or your account will be in default. Cobalt Corp Pty Ltd reserves the right to suspend or remove your access to the program until all payments are up to date. Upon resumption of your subscription, you will be automatically charged a filing fee of $275.00 plus any interest incurred at the commercial bank bill rates.

Members understand that the Kings Club is a non-pitch environment. As such you agree to conduct business within the community in a professional manner. If conduct is deemed to be unacceptable and is not corrected after notice, Cobalt Corp Pty Ltd and its nominees reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time without a refund.

No representations or warranties are made with respect to the results to be achieved from participating in any of our programs or a respective property development transaction provided by Cobalt Corp Pty Ltd and its nominees. You unequivocally and unconditionally release any and all parties from any financial and/or legal obligations herewith.

Cobalt Corp Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary this Agreement, revise content, cancel or reschedule any part of the Kings Club or Cash Flow Courses, or make any other changes as reasonably required without prior notice.

These terms are governed by the laws of each State and Territory of Australia.

The information provided by Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd and within its Kings Club should not be relied upon as a financial product, investment advice, tax, asset protection or legal advice. None of the information provided in Kings Club or by Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd takes into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You must make your own decision how to proceed with any investment instruments, property projects or other transactions that you get introduced to.

If you want financial product advice that takes account of your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, please seek advice from an Australian Financial Services licensee before making any financial decisions.

If you want tax, asset protection or legal advice that takes account of your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, please seek advice from a licensed professional in the area such as an accountant, lawyer or similar professional

12. Our decades of experience and private connections, gives Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd the ability to introduce our Kings Club Members to property projects, that are not available to the general public. Our property specialists have a proven track record and use innovative instruments to derive value for Kings Club Members ensuring excellence in returns and service. Projected returns are a guideline only, and are based on historical returns of previous deals & transactions of this type. Each wealth specialist will supply their own independent documentation for you to review at the time of your transactions.

We provide a club where our Kings Club Members can connect with our various Wealth Specialists, some of which provide fully-managed, high-yield investment products catering to all levels of risk appetite. The Wealth Specialists that we connect you with have the expertise to provide investors with the education, guidance and support required to maximize profits both from a short and long-term perspective through their entire investment journey. These various investment instruments are secured and guaranteed, while others are fully regualated and publicly listed.

All off-market property development projects presented to Kings Club members are done as 100% Developers Profit Member Projects and managed from start to finish by a professional property development group with over 20 years of experience. Each venture you select to participate in has it’s own setup costs to cover any/all professional fees incurred. An invoice will be prepared in your nominated entity name and will be required to be paid at the same time you transfer your funds to ensure a smooth process.