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Trent Giumelli

Trent shows sophisticated investors how to use property developments as a vehicle to build generational wealth using various structures, entities, and trusts.

A Property Multi-Millionaire, Residential Developer, Commercial Property Developer, and CEO of the Giumelli Group provides Cobalt Corp members access to off market self storage/light industrial/land subdivisions projects.

The Giumelli Group is currently managing $73.8 Million worth of active projects and has circa $140 Million in projects secured and coming to our Cobalt Members in the months ahead.

As Co-Founder of Cobalt Corp, Trent also personally mentors our members on where the “smart money” is when investing.

  • 16 Years in Business
  • Specialising in Finance & Property Development
  • Been in Real Estate for over 25 years
  • Applied Effort and REAL LIFE Results

TRENT’S Initial REAl estate


$157k profits

On his first
development deal

$113k profits

On his second
development deal

$387k profits

On his third
development deal

Cam Roberts

Cam is a multi-award-winning business owner and business growth consultant. As a consultant, he has been responsible for growing 100’s of businesses. Cam has over 30 years of experience as a multi-award-winning business owner, and business advisor. Cam is responsible for $450M+ in sales for his private clients.

  • Has owned and operated online and bricks and mortar businesses, and at one time had 3 seperate business models with 1500 weekly clients and 25+ staff
  • Cam knows how to scale operations and unlock the hidden potential in any business.
  • Responsible for $450M+ In SALES for his private clients.
  • Over 70,000 Social Media Followers, The #1 Brand Podcast In Australia with 250 Episodes & 338 5-Star Podcast Reviews.

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  • Secure Your Generational Wealth: Are you ready to create and build a legacy of wealth for your family, where you keep more of the developer profits?
  • Retire in Comfort with a Strategic Plan: Discover how our property development approach can help you achieve your retirement goals while earning all the profits.
  • Seize the Wealth Transfer Opportunity: Take full advantage of the most significant wealth transfer of your lifetime? We’ll show you how to maximize your returns during this unique opportunity.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom in Any Economic Climate: Unlock financial freedom, even in the face of inflation, recessions, or global resets. Our model ensures you keep the lion’s share of your earnings, regardless of economic challenges.
  • Revitalize Your Income Goals with Armchair Property Development Returns: Reignite your income goals and achieve financial success.

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