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Once our projects are complete they go to market for sale or lease via our handpicked real estate agents

This is a BREAKTHROUGH Wealth Building System that’s already responsible for $800M+ in member payouts. These opportunities are Not Released To The General Public – but are available for sophisticated investors to make their Money Work Harder and Build Generational Wealth – without doing negative gearing, speculating on stocks or gambling on crypto!

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What others are saying


I decided to participate with the Giumelli Group for two reasons, one was because it is truly is an intelligent low-risk strategy to earn a fantastic ROI (return on investment) in a very short space of time. Two is that I saw Trent Giumelli and his team were true and honest human beings, wholesome Aussie blokes, not out there to defraud anyone of their hard earned money, but just out there to progress and succeed and take those that are in a good position to participate, along for journey and the financial benefits associated.

I didn’t want to wait ten to twenty years for capital growth, there is just not enough time nor patience for that. I wanted to grow my capital and ‘now’!! That’s what the Giumelli Group was doing, low risk small property projects with short around and anything between 25% to 80% ROI, so when I stumbled across opportunity, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for. It’s very hard to trust what is out there in this day and age, but with GiumelIi Group I felt safe.

Well guess what? I was absolutely right, once I was in, I found a multitude of genuine property development and investment opportunities were waiting”



I met Trent back in 2018 – and there was something about him that was genuine and that, for me, was my trust factor.

I have been burnt by people in the past and lost a lot of money trusting so-called “financial experts” with investment scenarios. The other thing that I liked was the way the EVERYTHING was explained, making it easy to follow in a step-by-step manner. I’d highly recommend partipating on a project with Trent Giumelli and his team.

Piers Mitchell – NSW


I recently completed my first CASH FLOWS REAL ESTATE transaction. With zero experience in property, I started with $100,000 – now I’m walking away with $136,000. I didn’t have to buy, sell or develop a single property. This is the easiest part time property income I’ve ever made. If you’re serious about creating a passive income from property – I’d highly recommend transacting on a project with Trent Giumelli!

Michelle Ashton – QLD


I am a business owner who was making a great income, however, I wasn’t taking full advantage of multiplying the income I was producing. After joining the Cobalt Corp, I have realised just how much money I’ve been leaving on the table over the last couple of years. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to create a part time or full time income from Real Estate.

Carson Nugent


Being an ex-farmer, this program has changed my life. I was recommended to the program by my financial planner who knows Trent Giumelli personally and it has been the best thing I have done in my life to date over my kids. We have particupated in our first project and I am looking at a $36,000 profit payday which far exceeded my expectations.

Jeff Lahey

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