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At Kings Club, we believe that members should have complete control over their wealth building goals. We understand that each member has their own unique financial situation and investment preferences, and we strive to provide the right connections and introductions to various Off Market deals and Opportunities not available to the general public. As a member of Kings Club, you will be part of a community of like-minded Sophisticated Investors committed to accelerating income and building generational wealth. Our exclusive network provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities, including real estate, investment instruments, and alternative assets. With Kings Club, you take full control of your financial future to achieve your wealth building goals.


Bi-Weekly Online 60-minute LIVE “Open Office” Wealth Coaching Calls to keep your financial mindset on track & money goals moving in the right direction.


Access to Trent’s and Cam’s ROLODEX of industry connections that you can reach out to for professional advice on Wealth, Finance, Legal Structures, Business, and Marketing.


At Kings Club, we believe that relaxation and connection go hand in hand. That’s why we conduct annual retreats in some of the world’s most exclusive locations, providing our members with the ultimate luxury experience while building connections with like-minded wealth-focused individuals.


Only Kings Club Members get access to the following off market projects, deals, and other investment instruments that are provided by our network of wealth creation specialists. These network of connections have been created by Co-Founders, Trent Giumelli and Cam Roberts after 20 years of experience each in their respective fields of business, finance, wealth creation, property development, and marketing.

Kings Club Property Projects


*Off Market Property Projects typically light industrial or residential developments. Kings Club members transact as a Joint Venture or Shareholder Agreement with other Kings Club members. Developments are managed from start to finish by a professional project development group.

Av. 48% – 108% Return On Cash within 12-18 months.

Kings Club Secure SVP


*Investments are spread across a variety of asset classes using a 100% Secured Debt Note structure. Guaranteed 100% buyback fixed income notes. Irrelevant of Market conditions. This is an innovative investment strategy ensuring passive income.

SECURE SPV Annual Profit: 14.4% – 38.5%.


*Investors have the choice to collateralize their investment between 50%-80% of their investment amount, while still generating a fixed income return of 3.5%-5% rental returns. Irrelevant of Market conditions. Transparent & Simple process. Fixed Investment tenure of 60 months.

PROPERTY SECURE Annual Rental Return: 14% – 20%

regulated bond

*Fully regulated and independently administered fund. Fixed guarantee bond carry very low volatility. Fixed annual yield of 18%, paid at 4.5% per Quarter. Annual financial reports are audited by an Independent Auditor. Fixed tenure of 36 months. Fully regulated and publicly listed.



Like building a house, you need wholesale assets like Gold / Silver to ensure a win win in any environment. Historically Gold & Silver has achieved 15-20%pa yields. One of our founders has doubled his returns in his own personal portfolio.

Historically Gold & Silver has achieved 15-20%pa yields

Cobalt Corp Kings Club Super Affiliate

Affiliate INCOME

As a Kings Club Member, you’ll instantly become a SUPER AFFILIATE. Earn a passive income of 25% commission on Kings Club memberships from anyone you refer from your networks to Cobalt Corp, that becomes a Kings Club or Wealth Academy Member.

SUPER AFFILIATES Commission: 25% Passive Income

our COMMITMENT to you & your COMMITMENT to KINGS club

Our commitment to you, is to provide you, as a Kings Club member with an exclusive environment with other serious wealth builders so you can access Off Market Deals & Opportunities that the everyday public simply CANNOT get access to. You’ll also be provided with wealth coaching and exclusive networking opportunities not found anywhere else on the planet.

As a Kings Club member you will get exclusive access to our network of wealth creation specialists to access these Deals and Opportunities.Your commitment to us is that you acknowledge that you are a Sophisticated Investor and as such understand that the information provided by Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd, within Kings Club, should not be relied upon as a financial advice, investment advice, tax advice, asset protection advice or legal advice.

None of the information provided by Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd takes into account your personal objectives, financial situation or wealth goals. You must make your own decision how to proceed.If you want financial product advice that takes account of your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, please seek advice from an Australian Financial Services licensee before making any financial decisions. If you want tax, asset protection or legal advice that takes account of your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, please seek advice from a licensed professional in the area such as an accountant, lawyer or similar professional


Join Kings Club & review the opportunities available. Participate on the Live Coaching Calls, Ask Questions, and speak with our Wealth Creation Specialists about the various deals & opportunities available to you… then in the highly unlikely event that you still don’t think Kings Club is right for you, let us know within 14 Days of joining and we will refund your initial payment and cancel your membership.

*Please note: Our decades of experience and private connections, gives Cobalt Corporation Pty Ltd the ability to introduce our Kings Club Members to deals & opportunities that are not available to the general public. Our network of wealth creation specialists have a proven track record and use innovative instruments to derive value for investors, ensuring excellence in returns, safety and service. Affiliate Fees are only available on Kings Club Membership fees. Kings Club memberships are for 12-months minimum. A two-month cancellation fee applies if a membership is cancelled before the 12-month anniversary. After 12-months a one month notice is required to cancel.